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Convergence Wireless Site Sense Lighting™ (SSL™) saves energy and money by automatically shedding demand during periods of peak energy use to capture Demand Response incentives offered by utilities.

SSL™ Demand Response solution expands the scope of lighting reduction within a building from the common areas to the entire building – literally to hundreds or thousands of fixtures. During periods of peak demand where utilities are hitting their capacity ceilings, the lighting load can be shed by up to 50% without people's awareness and even more with notification. These savings are generated without the downside of employee annoyance with HVAC initiatives.

U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) studies show that people are very resistant to HVAC reductions for Demand Response because nobody wants to be made hotter on the hottest days of the year. SSL™ maintains comfort yet decreases air conditioning load by reducing the heat generated by lighting, saving up to an additional 30% of HVAC load.

Convergence Wireless and the DoE's Building Technologies Team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have collaborated for over three years to fine tune SSL™ demand response time to less than three minutes. The result is an ultra fast demand response rate that adheres to the DoE’s definition of “Spinning Reserves”. In fact, some utilities may take advantage of the SSL™ Demand Response solution to offset grid fluctuations caused by wind farms and other forms of renewable energy.