Convergence Wireless simplifies energy intelligence with Site Sense Lighting, the first all wireless lighting control system for today's existing buildings.

Business has a big problem. Building lighting has been very difficult to manage efficiently – needlessly burning dollars and wasting energy. Current solutions that require manually wiring lighting fixtures, sensors and switches has prevented compelling ROI in lighting retrofit projects and delayed investment payback to an unacceptable five years or more.

Site Sense Lighting™ (SSL™) empowers building owners and facility managers to achieve the fastest return on investment (ROI) and shortest payback by automatically reducing lighting's enormous energy consumption and peak load demand. Capital savings are achieved by automatically programming the all wireless lighting control solution which reduces labor installation costs by at least ten times and relieves maintenance costs over the life
of the project.

Building owners capture enormous savings while providing a building environment that's more enjoyable and productive. SSL™ lowers a company’s carbon footprint delivering a valuable “Good Citizen” message and contributes to reducing a nation's carbon footprint, thus achieving a higher level of energy independence.