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Convergence Wireless Site Sense Lighting™ (SSL™) saves energy through an all wireless implementation of proven “everyday” demand reductions such as daylighting and occupancy sensing. SSL™ continuously saves energy through high density wireless sensing and automatic system commissioning to deliver industry leading ROI and payback, typically in less than three years.

SSL™ adheres and benefits from an old 'control' adage that states, “the closer you are to what you control the better the control”. Every SSL™ patented sensor and switch is batteryless and wireless, which enables more sensors to be placed more economically, delivering unprecedented “everyday” demand reductions. Convergence Wireless complements these solar powered sensors with self powered light switches that can also be placed anywhere, completely eliminating the need for new power or control wire runs.

SSL™ Automatic Commissioning attacks the most expensive aspect of any new building technology, the labor to install it. By automatically mapping and re-mapping all wireless devices within a facility and programming them “over the air”, SSL™ absorbs complexity and removes the need for highly trained personnel. SSL™ can be installed by facilities staff in a matter of minutes per fixture and even less for sensors and switches.