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Mr. Hirou founded Convergence after dedicating 30 years working to develop and to bring to market pioneering hardware, software, and electronic solutions within the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) market space.

Mr. Hirou started his career back in the 1980’s as an electro-mechanical engineer specializing in customized automation solutions and precision robotic design with Minarik, a 60-year old leader in providing custom engineering solutions and products used for automation and advanced control solutions. Minarik’s primary clientele were OEM clients. Mr. Hirou strategically created the advanced holistic hardened computer control arena, which included advanced remote control and monitoring via networked communications. The advanced control technologies that were part of Mr. Hirou’s holistic solution included not just the advanced holistic hardened computer control with remote monitoring and control capabilities, but also precision motion control (“robotics”), process control and even graphical operator interfaces, complete with touch screen technology, to provide machine operators a more intuitive interface experience with the machine and/or entire process. At the lower levels of Mr. Hirou’s holistic solution’s architecture, numerous technologies were utilized. Some of the key technologies Mr. Hirou’s solution included were precision servo motors, precision stepper motors, precision linear actuators, rotary actuators, distributed input devices, distributed output devices, distributed intelligent self-contained control modules and all types of sensors and switches. All of these disparate technologies were connected via a separate internal real-time standards-based communications network. Mr. Hirou’s innovative solution delivered far more value than the then “industry standard” use of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Mr. Hirou’s strategy of providing holistic hardened computer based advanced control and monitoring solutions, complete with remote communications capabilities became a new industry standard within the OEM market place worldwide, due to increased productivity and increased operational efficiencies that it delivered not just to Minarik’s own clients, but also the respective OEM’s client. This innovative approach became “The Engine” that drove double digit compounded annual revenues that Minarik enjoyed under Mr. Hirou’s tenure. While at Minarik, Mr. Hirou was instrumental in growing the company from $13 million to over $100 million in annual revenue, all with a minimum of 20% gross profit margin each year. At the time of Mr. Hirou’s departure over 80% of the +$100 million revenues were as a result of the technologies that Mr. Hirou developed and introduced to Minarik. During his tenure at Minarik, Mr. Hirou’s advanced technologies delivered Minarik’s OEM clients significant differentiation in their respective market places. This differentiation enabled these companies to provide their solutions to clients such as Intel, Apple, HP, IBM, Beckman Coulter, Abbott Laboratories, Cardinal Health, Tyson Foods, 3M, Dow Chemical as well as many other Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. The Fortune 500 companies, which are involved in manufacturing products of all types in many different industries, loved Mr. Hirou’s solutions ability to tie all of their diverse manufacturing locations’ production details together while simultaneously delivering real-time key performance indicator (PKI) information containing the bottom line production and efficiency metrics to the Executive Suite via intuitive, easily understood, graphical dashboards displayed on their computer screens, continuously updated in real-time from all over the world. At the time of his departure in late 2001, he was Vice President and had profit and loss responsibilities for the entire organization, overseeing 26 branches located throughout the United States.

Mr. Hirou’s reputation for delivering advanced engineering solutions with respect to advanced automation and control systems led ThinGap, Inc. to recruit Mr. Hirou in January 2003 in order to help identify market opportunities for its then newly-patented electric motor technology. At ThinGap, Inc., Mr. Hirou’s contributions helped the company obtain Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contracts and achieve a ten-fold increase in revenue during his approximately two-year tenure.

In 2006, Mr. Hirou founded Convergence. His early vision was to disrupt a new industry by applying his many years of technology innovations by leveraging innovative cybersecurity implementations of software and hardware control solutions, combining them with real-time networking and remote communications capabilities. This thinking led to his focus on developing and commercializing 100% wireless and 100% battery-free technologies in order to reduce energy costs throughout the vast number of commercial and government buildings, worldwide.

Mr. Hirou received his Bachelor of Science Degree from UCLA, where he graduated magna cum laude in interdisciplinary studies (engineering, law, and business). While attending UCLA, he competed as a Category 3 bicycle racer, licensed by the United States Cycling Federation (now known as USA Cycling). Post-graduation, Mr. Hirou achieved Pro Status as a bicycle racer while continuing to work full time.

Mr. Hirou and his wife Nora live in Orange County, California and have two children.