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At Convergence Wireless our motto has always been "lose all the wires." Convergence Wireless started with the belief that a technology which can be viral in the simplicity of its design, yet rich in its profitability, is the foundation of a truly superior solution.

While building owners try to improve lighting's energy efficiency, via wired lighting control solutions or similar “smart solutions”, installers continue to experience prohibitive installation and maintenance costs.  Current solutions that require manually wiring lighting fixtures, sensors and switches has prevented compelling ROI in lighting retrofit projects and delayed investment payback to an unacceptable five years or more.  Furthermore, the cost and complicated nature of wired solutions meant that many projects stalled, were cancelled before full deployment or proved too costly to maintain, thus becoming a wasted effort. Plus, the potential for Asbestos Abatement in buildings constructed before 1980 adds even more complexity and costs to wired solutions.

Convergence Wireless Site Sense Lighting™ (SSL™) is the only all wireless solution that scales to thousands of nodes required for mission critical building retrofits while reaching every light source, sensor and switch with fine-tuned control to deliver maximum savings. SSL™ elegantly and automatically wraps around people and building owners' needs simultaneously delivering value on demand to building owners and value at the point of experience to people on site.

SSL™ all wireless design overlays on top of an existing infrastructure and is modular in its deployment.  Convergence Wireless solved the large scale building energy paradigm because rather than merely adapt a product from current microcontrollers and sensors, we designed a solution from the ground up for high node count building applications as a "drop in retrofit." It begins with lighting applications but extends beyond light fixtures and dimmers to sensors, switches and actuators of all types.

With SSL™ building owners and facility managers are equipped with centralized lighting control that reaches across facilities, floors, individual offices and open spaces dynamically adapting to pricing signals from utilities. Installation can be performed as a complete "turnkey" implementation or in a “buy as you go” staged approach to accommodate budget constraints or staged retrofits which, in both cases, enable building owners to realize immediate energy savings. With SSL™ maintenance is easy and cost effective with policy driven remote control.

Fast deployment with SSL™ dramatically increases energy efficiency ensuring building owners achieve simple payback in less than three years which meets the second highest criteria of building executives behind capital availability, according to Johnson Controls' 2010 Energy Efficiency Survey.

While SSL™ financial benefits are not dependent on state or federal subsidies, there are dozens of such programs and depending on a customer's location could make the net capital outlay low if not negligible.