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Convergence Wireless' unique and patented technology solves the cost prohibitive problems associated with building lighting control, with automated installation techniques and remote controlled maintenance capabilities - based on proprietary auto configuration and management technology.

Site Sense Lighting™ (SSL™) leverages Smart Grid standards, our deep expertise in wireless networking and off-the-shelf technology to deliver a truly unique lighting control system. The system has three components that combine with standard dimmable fluorescent ballasts or dimmable LED controllers:

  • Wireless Module – A small wireless module that mounts inside the light fixture with patented technology (i) communicates with wireless switches, wireless daylight and infrared (body heat) sensors and (ii) communicates between each wireless module, creating a low-power, standards-based, highly redundant mesh network throughout the building.

  • Photovoltaic Powered Wireless Sensors & Self-Powered Switches Wireless sensors and switches require absolutely no wiring and no batteries. No wiring enables more sensors to be deployed at the lowest cost on the market and the wireless sensors complemented by self-powered switches represent the only truly scalable green building lighting control solution in the world - eliminating batteries disposed in landfills.

  • Building Automation Server / Demand Response Module – A central building server that interfaces, configures and optimizes all zone controllers to coordinate the preferred lighting pattern, monitor the quality of lighting and provide detailed energy usage reports. A Demand Response application that checks the utility's system for signals during peak demand periods and automatically implements load shedding.

SSL™ is fully standards compliant and aligned with the direction of NIST’s Smart Grid Framework for Standards and Protocols Initiative. The wireless communication software supports the IPSO Alliance (www.ipso-alliance.org) by employing Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity and incorporates existing and emerging IETF and IEEE standards. . Convergence Wireless has implemented the IPv6 compliant 6LoWPAN solution and has also implemented Addendum q to the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2008 “BACnet protocol for IEEE802.15.4 networks”. In addition, SSL™ can accommodate non-Internet Protocol ZigBee Pro Devices.

SSL™ delivers carrier grade reliability for multi-thousand node commercial deployments. The software is designed to be radio frequency independent and can be deployed in every utility market, "e.g. urban, rural, indoor and outdoor."